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Member Benefits

BENEFITS Premier Premier Plus
Customize your Business Profile (About page) with text, photos & Covid-19 protocolsXX
Advertise to consumers actively seeking Same-Day Products and ServicesXX
Advertise Immediate availability on-demandXX
View proximity of Toglers requesting Service in order to confirm, decline and maintain your scheduleXX
Connect and communicate with customers directlyXX
Manage your account through a laptop or desktop computerXX
Confirm TOGL requests utilizing the auto-response system (This feature is NOT available for appointment confirmations.)XX
Receive Favorite tags from existing and new customersXX
Togl-On to notify your existing customers you have availabilityXX
Include Price and Quantity available with each Product/Service you Togl-OnXX
Include pertinent links; e.g., websites, price lists, menus, on-line ordering, delivery service, MLS listings and Member's external payment systemXX
Control TOGL Confirmations manually (Required for appointment based businesses.)XX
Rate Customers and receive Customer RatingsXX
Receive Favorite tags from existing and new customersXX
Togl-On one or two different Service types at one location, including simultaneouslyX
Togl-On multiple times a day, 365 days a year XX
View active and historical TOGL information 24/7XX
Manage your account through an Android or Apple mobile deviceXX
Togl-On unlimited Service types at one locationX
Maintain unlimited active Services and appt Times simultaneouslyX
Include Time elements with each Product/Service you Togl-OnX
Advertise specific Same-Day Times on-demandX
Advertise daily specials, discounts and incentives with your TOGLSX
Include Custom information with each Product/Service you Togl-OnX
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If you’re a business owner or you manage a business that serves the public, the time to sign up is now!   Membership sales are in full swing and we’re offering special Pre-Launch pricing. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting new way of maximizing revenue from the beginning!    Our representatives are standing by to help you. 
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