FAQ Business Membership

Business Membership FAQ

Click the SIGN UP now button and fill out a short form.
Togl-On Memberships are $480 per year. If you UPGRADE to Togl-On Same-Day, the annual membership fee is $600. If you choose to pay the entire amount in one lump sum, the price is discounted to $399 and $499 respectively.
Your Membership allows you to Togl-On your business 365 days a year without any limitations. If you select Togl-On, you may offer customers 4 different services. If you add Same-Day features, you will be able to offer customers 6 different services.
Togl-On appointments are immediate openings. Customers will need to leave for these as soon as the service provider confirms their appointment. Same-Day appointments allows businesses to post time slots they need to fill. Once a service provider confirms a customer's appointment, that specific appointment time will no longer show in the app.
Please contact us so we can help you find an appropriate category for your business. Email: info@toglon.com Phone: 1-855-554-5437
No. You Togl-On does not charge per service fees or commissions for business booked through Togl-On.
No. It's up to each individual business whether or not they want to discount their services or incentivize customers to select their business.
Togl-On does not offer a free trial but we do give you two months free if you pay your annual membership free in one single payment.
Togl-On Memberships are a one year commitment but you do have the option to pay your membership fee in 12 installments. There is currently no discount when you select monthly payments.
Click on Sponsorships in the top menu bar and then select Request a Sponsor. Fill out the form and follow the prompts.
If you are signing up before Togl-On officially launches in your market, your 12 month time period will begin on the official market launch date. If you are signing up within an active Togl-On Market, your membership time period will begin the date you Sign Up and pay for your account.
Immediately. You may Togl-On your business as soon as you complete the Set Up form. If you are joining Togl-On during a pre-launch period, you will be able to Togl-On the first day your market goes live. During pre-launch, Togl-On will keep you abreast of the launch date well in advance.
You may cancel your membership at any time but your membership fee is non-refundable.
Togl-On charges a non-refundable annual membership fee. If at any point, you are not happy with your membership, please contact us right away and we will work with you to improve your experience.
You may call our toll free number. 1-855-554-5437
You will want to rate the customer and the Togl-On system will flag the customer as a no-show risk.
No. You have the option to decline any request that you receive.
You will need to decide which TOGL to accept and then notify the other TOGLS that your appointment has been taken.
It is up to each individual service provider. If the provider can accommodate you, they will. If you are late enough that they cannot complete your service within the allotted time, the business is not required to keep the appointment. We encourage users to select providers close enough to their current location so they won't be late.
You cannot block a Togl-On customer but you can decline any of their service requests.
Once you confirm an appointment, you will be able to view the customer's cell phone number.
Once you confirm an appointment, you will be able to view the customer's cell phone number. We strongly encourage members to keep appointments once they've been confirmed.
One person can be signed into the app on multiple devices but we strongly recommend that you do not have more than one person using the app at the same time.
You may have up to 8 active appointments times in the app at once. We strongly recommend that you leave adequate time between Same Day time lots.
Togl-On Memberships accommodate up to 4 services. If you upgrade to Togl-On Same-Day, you may have up to 6 services under one membership.
You will find the Togl-On app in The App Store and the Google Play Store.
Yes. Visit www.toglonpro.com to log into your account.
Available businesses are displayed in order of distance between each business's address and the customer's current location. The closest business is listed first.
Togl-On is not currently selling advertising space within the app.
Togl-On is not currently selling advertising space within the app.
Please attempt to login. If you do not remember your username or password, please follow the prompts to reset your username or password.
Togl-On provides a Marketing Tool Kit for business members.
Yes. Each Togl-On Business Member receives a Marketing Tool Kit to assist in promoting their Togl-On business.